Learn Music Theory and Ear Training Online

Begin studying music theory and ear training with these complete courses. They are free and new lessons are added weekly during the academic year (August through May). This course is designed to take you through most of the basics, but if you're completely new to music, start with The Musical Core. 

Purchase the course using the instructions at The Musical Core informational website: https://www.themusicalcore.com/p/buy.html

University students should not use these instructions and should pick the college and section they are enrolled in.


The Musical Core Playlist

While this course is taught in universities, you can skip the introductory video that explains how to use the website. There is a public version of the course that you can purchase following the directions at The Musical Core website.


Music Theory Playlist

The music theory playlist covers topics typically learned in a university music program. No books or extra materials are required to take this course. 

Ear Training Playlist

Ear training videos are available to help musicians condition the ear and learn to hear the various intervals. in music.

Advanced 20th/21st Century Theory Playlist

This playlist contains advanced subjects that are suitable for more advanced musicians, or those who want to learn more about modern composition techniques.

There is more to explore on the UreMusic YouTube Channel. Go check it out today!