Our website was established in 1996, and UreMusic.com was the first website to begin offering music composition lessons online. Since it's inception, we've committed ourselves to provide students with quality feedback and instruction. Our students have gone on to work in video, music production, private instruction, graduate programs in music composition, and as published composers.

We have a simple mission: To bring the study of music composition to students across the globe. When it comes to studying music composition, it can be difficult to find a quality composition instructor. Kevin Ure, the founder, is as interested in the process and mechanics of composing music as the creation of new works.

Through our various website properties, we aim to provide the general public with free articles on music composition and the process of composing. While our most personalized instruction is saved for our private students, we also provide free and affordable courses for composers who aren't able or ready to commit to private lessons.

Online music composition lessons and courses were established online to provide composers with an option for learning how to write and compose music that goes beyond simply learning about composing a melody and plugging in harmony. Our composers study with a music composition instructor who gives composition lessons to composers around the globe. This is accomplished through a combination of private instruction and individualized online music composition courses, at a time and schedule that works for even the busiest composer. As the first website to provide online music composition lessons, we have developed an effective system for teaching composers how to compose music based on research, experience, and innovation.

"To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must break them."

Nadia Boulanger - Composer

Unlike other online music composition lessons and music courses, we don't believe in a one method fits all approach to learning how to compose music. Composers who want to learn to write music need quality instruction and highly individualized feedback from a qualified composer. Templates for instruction and a one-size-fits-all approach only work to provide composers with basic techniques. For composers who only want to develop techniques, we offer several lectures freely through our YouTube channel.

We provide highly individualized lesson feedback based on the composer's needs, interests, and current knowledge of composition techniques. Composers accepted into the studio receive dedicated attention, detailed feedback, and guidance to improve their understanding of how to effectively construct a composition, including components of melody, harmony, form, space, and color.

Many composers fail to see fundamental issues that affect the overall effectiveness of their compositions. Additionally, many talented composers fail to succeed simply because they don't understand the mechanics of the industry. Knowing how to format a musical score, submit works for publication, and gain recognition are all important factors that go into a composer's development.

Composition students submit assignments and receive feedback through The Composers Studio. Lessons are conducted via video conferencing software at a time that works for both the teacher and student. The music composition studio provides an opportunity for members to post music compositions, receive advice, and complete music composition coursework. Whether you are an amateur or a professional composer, lessons provide the necessary instruction to help you realize your potential as a composer.