If you are looking for online music composition lessons that are tailored to your individual needs and goals, you might want to consider studying with Kevin Ure. Kevin Ure is a composer, educator, and founder of UreMusic.com and UreMusic.org, websites that offer resources and courses for aspiring composers. He also teaches undergraduate and graduate music theory and composition courses at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Kevin Ure has been teaching online music composition lessons since 2003, and he has developed a unique approach that combines modern counterpoint instruction with technique-building exercises. He also provides his students with free copies of his textbooks from The Composing Series, which cover topics such as melody writing, harmony, form, orchestration, and more.

Kevin Ure accepts students of any style and level of music composition, as long as they have a basic ability to notate their musical ideas. He does not teach electronic music unless it is accompanied by a notated score. He believes that notation is essential for editing and developing musical works.

Kevin Ure's online music composition lessons are conducted via Zoom, and each lesson is 40 minutes long. The total lesson time is 55 minutes, with time set aside before and after each lesson to review and prepare. The first meeting is free of charge and serves as an introduction and orientation session.

To study with Kevin Ure, you need to apply for admission to The Composers Studio. Admission decisions are sent the last week of every month, and you may be placed on a waiting list if there are no spots available. You can choose from different plans depending on how many lessons you want per month: one ($50), two ($100), three ($150), or four ($200).

Studying composition lessons with Kevin Ure can help you improve your skills, expand your knowledge, develop your creativity, and achieve your musical goals. You will learn from an experienced composer who will guide you through the process of composing original works in various genres and formats.

If you are interested in applying for online music composition lessons with Kevin Ure, please visit his website (https://www.kevinure.com/) or contact him via email (kevin@uremusic.com).