Now Enrolling for Summer 2017

Our composition studio is now enrolling students for the 2017 Summer Session. Students will have the option to take part in Counterpoint, Ear Training, and the Craft of Music Composition masterclass. Complete an application to be considered for acceptance. After completion of the application, you'll receive an admission decision within 5 to 7 business days.

Students enrolled in music composition lessons receive private instruction, specialized courses, and tips to help improve their skill in composing increasingly sophisticated works. The next session will begin in July, but it's important you reserve your space now as available slots tend to fill up early.

Rates for Summer Session:

$975.80 (12% Discount) One-Time Payment or $297.50/monthx4 (14 Lessons)
$635.00 (10% Discount) One-Time Payment or $178.00/monthx4  (8 Lessons)
One-time payment of $340.00.  (5 Lessons)

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