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Level 1

Thematic elements are the properties of a composition that allow a piece to develop on take on a particular character and mood. Thematic Elements is the introductory lesson in the first level of the Composing Music Series. Composers learn about the following important elements and how they relate to the composition as a whole:
  • Character and Mood
  • Motivic Building Blocks
  • Creating the Phrase
  • Constructing the Period
  • Polishing the Theme
  • Thematic Modulation
  • Thematic Development
  • Accompaniment in Music
  • Analyzing Thematic Structure
The theme is the first musical event that most composers realize. This lesson is designed to provide composers with practical advice in a hands-on way to develop real compositional skill and technique. The first lesson introduces composers to the basic elements of themes, and subsquent lessons will expand upon those ideas to help composers delve deeper into the practice of composing effective musical works.

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Free Music Composition eBook

From now until September 11, 2016, you can get the first issue of the Composing Music Series for free. This series is designed to be a collection of over 50 music composition lessons that you can study in your spare time. Purchase only the lessons that apply to you and get on track to learning how to compose your own music compositions.

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Experienced composers are able to look at a motive, melody, or theme and instantly know how a composition will unfold. Much like an expert gardener understands what type of plant a particular seed will produce, composers can envision an entire musical work simply by looking at a melody. 

Thematic Materials - Motives, Themes, Melodies, and Form

Determining musical form based on the motive and melody

This lesson introduces you to the basic elements of a motive and the different ways motives are employed by composers to create melodies. The course details how a composer can determine the overall length and structure of the piece through a careful analysis of small thematic elements. This is a crucial skill beginning composers may lack, but it can be developed with the right knowledge and practice. 

The Music Composition Series

Proceed deliberately through professional-level music composition lessons

The Music Composition Lesson Series is devised to equip composers with an exhaustive sequence examining the keystones of music composition. The series addresses the following seven cornerstones of music composition: 
  • Theme
  • Form
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Instrumentation
  • Orchestration
  • Coherence and Comprehensibility
An expository introductory lesson is also available for you to evaluate the teaching methodology of the course and determine if the series will suit your needs. 

Instead of compiling all of the lessons into a single book, this course lets composers pick and choose the concepts they wish to study. The recommended course of action is to start with the first lesson and proceed in a progressive fashion through the course, thereby ensuring you're not missing any crucial concepts. 

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